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Paperless Billing Services: SELECT SOURCE

Electronic Billing Presentation & Payment (EBPP) methods will save businesses up to 80% in reduced paper usage, production costs, and postage expenses. In addition to these savings, consider less human errors, faster cash flow, and the results will significantly effect your bottom line.

SELECT SOURCE can help you make the transition from paper to paperless. We will set up a simple enrollment program for your customers. This enrollment program can be an effective tool for marketing, educating, and gaining a deeper understanding of what your customer really wants.

With our efficient quick startup plan, we allow you the flexibility and simplicity of a comprehensive paperless billing system that will take you into the future without expensive hardware expenditures or software upgrades.

Data Archiving

Your billing records are sent to you in an easy-to-store and retrieve format. There is no need to allocate valuable space for record storage. Hard copies can be accessed quickly to respond to customer inquiries. The CD format contains the exact image of each piece mailed. This reduces paper usage and increases the response time to your customers.


We offer a comprehensive warehouse program which will automatically replenish your supply of forms. You no longer have to worry about storage space or re-ordering forms.